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Self-Determination is about choice and control. You should have control over your services, as well as the support to make your Person-Centerned Plan work for you.

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Our Mission is to manage our clients’ Human Resource needs efficiently and accurately while striving to make their operations more productive and, ultimately, more cost effective.

Why Choose Alliance Choice Care?
  • Alliance Choice Care is an HR Alliance company. We provide Fiscal Intermediary (Financial Management) services, and work with Government Mental Health Agencies, Service Providers and Case Workers through Self Determination Program. Our mission is to provide accurate, professional fiscal financial management for the Individuals based on understanding, integrity.
  • Alliance Choice Care puts client services at the center of each business partnership. With each client professional relationship, it is our goal to relieve the business owner of the monotonous, unproductive tasks associated with HR management.
  • Alliance Choice Care fully comprehends the intricacies and pitfalls inherent in employment and financial management. That is why we are dedicated to providing straight-forward human resource and financial management services in a manner that is clear, concise and easily understood.
Benefits Of Working with Alliance Choice Care

At Alliance Choice Care, we want to make Self-Determination arrangements as worry-free as possible, so we ensure proper management of the Individuals funds and accurate tracking of the budgets and expenses.

  • Alliance Choice Care and its associates pledge to conduct our operations with integrity, and in the most ethical and responsible way possible.
    We make sure we are compliant with all legal requirements related to management of public funds and the employment of support workers.
  • Employer agent services for persons directly or indirectly employing support workers.
  • Staff training is key to ensure that each employee is properly credentialed (per agency rules) and competent to help the individuals that they serve.
What is a Fiscal Intermediary?

A fiscal Intermediary is an organization who works with the individual, their family and the responsive agency to develop a comprehensive, secure Medicaid-compliant solution for managing the funds allocated to the Individual through their Individual Plan of Service (IPOS).

Getting Started with Alliance Choice Care

If you are an Individual, Case Worker, or Administrator call us and we will answer any questions you have about using a Fiscal Intermediary and how Alliance Choice Care can meet your needs. Whether you are already using a Fiscal Intermediary or want to get started with this arrangement, we will take you through the process to make the transition as efficient and seamless as possible.

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“Fast and responsive to your concerns. A company that really cares for their clients. Also, the company is up-to-date with its technology that you can do all of your transactions securely online.”

- Percy Antonio

“Reliable , dependable, and will be there for you no matter what. They do work from the heart, excellent job.”

- Gil Edora

“Great job! The most reliable and dependable people to work with.”

- Marites Kilpert

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