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Insurance & Investments

Custom Services for Your Company and Experience You can Trust.

Small businesses that provide health insurance benefits, and comprehensive investment options — attract and retain excellent employees.

Insuring your company... Now and for the Future
  • We stay on top of changing legislation, like Health Care Reform and FLSA, and provide a Personalized Insurance Experience representing only the Highest Rated Most Trusted Carriers
  • Choose from Thousands of Health Plans Personalized Customized and Tailor-fit to suit your needs.
  • Our Licensed Experts Strategize with you to save you valuable Time and Money
  • Shop and Compare Plans for the Best Value
  • The Top-rated Life Insurance companies with the highest ratings and completely turn-key from application, exams to implementation.
  • Highly experienced in bringing new “life” to your employees, ensuring a secure future for now and in the future for their families peace-of-mind.
Retirement Options for your Employees… that Serves Your Business
    It’s a known fact that Small business who implement options for different 401(k) and other retirement plans, attract and retain excellent employees.

HR Alliance’s single-source solution will help you set up and maintain a diverse offering of important insurance coverage’s, to enable your team to share your vision of success.

Cost-Conscious Healthcare Solutions for Today’s World

The HR Alliance team has done all the heavy lifting for you and can provide:

  • The best possible healthcare options for your needs.
  • Reasonable costs and Smart Programs that work for your company
  • Health care options that comply with ever-changing healthcare regulations
  • Competitive plan options…Empowering Employees

Fluctuations in healthcare laws and increasing premiums can make Healthcare options difficult to navigate.

Trust your HR Alliance Team of experts to keep you up to date with the latest plans and offers, tailor fit to your priorities and your needs.

• Lower costs for you and your employees.

Healthier employees translate to fewer sick days and fewer medical claims. These facts result in lowered medical costs across the board.

Employers often need to choose between standalone benefits or integrated benefits with their health insurance plan. Allow the experts at HR Alliance to manage your benefits enrollment and roll out your programs with ease and considerable cost savings.

Adding new “Life” to your business with Group-Term-Life Insurance

As an employer providing group term life insurance, you must determine who should be covered, the type of benefits you will offer, and the optimal and most affordable amount of life insurance to offer.

Who should be covered: Group-term life insurance benefits can be offered to all full-time employees. Insuring a larger group often guarantees lower rates and eliminates the need for qualifying medical exams.

What is the most optimal and cost-effective option: Typically, group-term life insurance policies offer a set amount of insurance or they are calculated based on an employee’s salary.

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