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Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Your Total Back Office Solution

HR Alliance’s 20+ years of experience as a “Professional Employer Organization” allows us to become your Accounting and Tax Consultants, Human Resource Management Company, Payroll Processor, Insurance & Investment Advisors, and your Full-Service Marketing Agency.

Payroll Services

Guaranteed on-time payroll service customized for your individual needs. Enjoy personalized payroll service plans. Our experienced team of professional HR managers has many years of experience dating back even before the days of employee leasing. For over 20 years, HR Alliance has offered all in-house execution of human resource management with customized payroll service plans. We ensure that your payroll is processed accurately and on time every single month.


Attract top talent and boost retention with our human resource administration, using experienced HR outsourcing with personalized human resources. Our experience delivers the quality human resource services you need with affordable and customized service. With our made-to-order human resource outsourcing, you can operate at maximum efficiency while saving money. With our HR solutions, we help you address staff shortages and ensure you are fully equipped during short-term peaks.


Worker’s Compensation

Support your business properly by allowing the expert team at HR Alliance to provide you with up-to-date workman’s compensation outsourcing. Plus, you’ll get policy reviews, with proactive measures that minimize loss. Protecting your employees, and treating them fairly, brings respect from your employees and ultimately protects your business.

Employee Benefits/HR Admin

Now you can offer better employee benefits to your people at a far lower cost than you are probably thinking. Research studies show companies that outsource their HR Team experience a strong increase in profit margins and employee satisfaction.